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Theatre play
by Teatro Art'Imagem (Portugal)
Short film
"The Hearts that Bleed & Bloom"
by Seth Bakke (USA)
“Desumanização” is a scenic version of the novel "A Desumanização", by the renowned Portuguese writer Valter Hugo Mãe, José Saramago literary prize.
After the death of her son, a mother must build up the courage to confront what's left of him.
Documentary film
by Katie Teague (USA)
Documentary short-film
by Nina Vallado (USA)
RE:MEMBER is a film with a mission: to bring back healthy ways of honoring and walking through grief in our modern culture. 
Feature film "The Left Behind"
by Oliver Salk (USA)
Three boarding school students fight to understand the tragic and ambiguous suicide of their closest friend, Finn.
Short film "Our Father" by Linda Palmer
An estranged father suffering from late stage dementia, in a fleeting moment, reveals to his son secrets that begin to heal a broken family.
A documentary film about the complexities of a sisterhood without communication due to autism.
Documentary film "Le Jardin d'Ewald" by Alexandra Pille (Germany)
The film speaks about the impressive attempt of Senegalese people to outwit one of the greatest mass murderers of our time - drought.
Web series "The Here and Now" by Alexandra Christensson & Arleta Knottnerus (USA)
Web series that follows four college students in a series of vignettes; each one independent of the others, but all interconnected. 
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